is a private website without commercial use to present pictures of aircraft and other aviation subjects.
 We also present pictures of the non-commercial label “HRpics”.

 For contact please send an Email to

 or call us: +49 - 170 - 2 41 73 26.

Website - Administration:

Harald Roth
Kettelerstraße 6
91077 Neunkirchen am Brand
Phone: +49 - 170 - 2 41 73 26


Information about right of pictures:

Basically all pictures have their own copyright-sign.
The right to use these pictures is incumbent on the operator of this website.
If there is any interest on our pictures, please send an email to our email adress.

The predominat majority of the shown pictures were taken by the webmaster.
 Sometimes we also show pictures of friendly photographers.
 Find their names added to their pictures.

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